2021: A Time for Growth through Collaboration, Creativity, Culture


At PDMI, we are filled with great optimism for the future both immediate and long term.

We are proud of the commitment our team shows as a dedicated group of industry professionals, as well compassionate colleagues, family, and community members -- and people, in general.

Within the past year, we have recruited and onboarded 17 new PDMI team members and welcomed dozens of new client partners.

We attribute our steady pace of growth to the collective dedication of a team willing to think inventively. For us, creating and applying solutions beyond many of the boundaries and conformities that tend to limit business growth and expansion is a key motivator.

We are kicking off 2021 by implementing the next steps in our robust Strategic Operations (StratOp) plan, with a focus on becoming a Destination Employer.

Its blueprint is a detailed roadmap highlighted by expansion of our product offerings, enhanced client experiences, and a strengthened industry standing through inventive technology solutions, aggressive pursuit of new markets and avenues of industry, and increased subject matter expertise.

At the core of the PDMI StratOp initiative is a work environment that offers challenging and interesting work set against a backdrop of inclusion and diversity; one that gives team members work/life balance and flexibility and honors their creativity and individual spirit of innovation.

Ours is an atmosphere of transparent communication and mutual respect and offers many avenues for professional development., including StratOp initiatives to enhance leadership training and expand mentorship opportunities for personal and professional advancement.

It is important to us that we help secure the physical, emotional, and financial well-being to our team members.

In the first quarter of the New Year, look for an unveiling of our rejuvenated brand; one that marries our history of excellent professional services in pharmacy benefits/340B plan administration with a progressive leap forward in terms of exciting new opportunities for our clients, prospective clients, team members, and the communities we are proud to serve.

Wishing our clients, colleagues, associates, friends, and community members health, happiness, and safety in the New year and always.

Doug Wittenauer, CEO


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