Tom Bielawski Promoted to Senior Director of 340B Program

07 August 2023

We are pleased to announce that Tom Bielawski has been promoted to Senior Director, 340B. In this new role, Tom will be responsible for guiding the strategic direction, operational management, and compliance of PDMI’s 340B program.

As a member of the PDMI team and director of its 340B program since 2013, Tom possesses a deep understanding of the program and its regulations. He will apply this knowledge to drive product offerings and enhancements, continuing his collaboration with IT teams to optimize 340B program technology. As senior leader of the 340B department, he will continue to provide mentorship and guidance to his team members while developing and executing a succession plan that includes career development, training programs, and the addition of a director-level position within the department.

As 340B director, Tom has always possessed a genuine interest in and commitment to understanding our clients’ and partners’ needs. In his new position, he will have an enhanced opportunity to cultivate and deepen relationships with our clients and partners to foster mutual trust and success.

We look forward to seeing where Tom takes our 340B Program Administration as he takes on this new, strategic role.