Looking forward to 340B Coalition Winter 2022!

20 January 2022

This year’s Winter Conference is fast approaching on January 31, and there are some sessions we can’t wait to attend. During the in-person hiatus, recorded trainings and updates were convenient to pause and restart. However, we can’t wait to be in person, face-to-face with you to learn straight from the sources without any workplace distractions.

Will you be joining us? What sessions are you looking forward to?

Make sure to stop by booth 425 in the Exhibit Hall and talk to our very own Jeffrey Mihok, PDMI Sales Manager, 340B. He has all the details on our conservative and compliant solution to build a comprehensive, integrated and easily auditable picture of your 340B program results.

1. Keynote Speaker J.D. Kleinke

February 1, 2022, 9 am

Why we are looking forward to it: As a medical economist, author, and entrepreneur, J.D. brings a unique perspective on the Affordable Care Act as well as other health policy and legislation. Historically, the keynote speaker has discussed the economics of 340B, and we anticipate hearing about the impact manufactures are having on the program.

2.Navigating HRSA Audits and Taking Corrective Action

Feb 1, 2022, 1:30 pm

Why we are looking forward to it: Audits are a top priority for PDMI and our clients and 340B is constantly evolving and growing. We anticipate effective strategies and real-life examples from 3 of your fellow entities.

3. Impact of Build Back Better on 340B

Feb 2, 2022, 11 am

Why we are looking forward to it: While Build Back Better has hit some legislative stalls, this session gives us a look into what we might see in the future from the current administration on drug policies and the 340B program overall.

We are looking forward to meeting you at these sessions, and of course, in the Exhibitor Hall. Find the full agenda on the 340B Coalition conference website. For more on PDMI’s 340B product offerings, contact us today.