COVID-19 Press Release

02 December 2020


Poland, OH – Pharmacy Data Management, Inc.’s top priority is caring for its family and team members, clients, colleagues, and communities right now ---and in all the days to come.

“Though it’s a sad reality that the COVID-19 pandemic will be around for a while – PDMI remains a resource for everyone within our organization, our customer base, and our general contact network for its duration and well past it,” said Doug Wittenauer, CEO of PDMI.

PDMI, established in 1984, offers pharmacy benefit, claims adjudication, and technology solution support for pharmacies, pharmacy benefit management companies, and long-term care and Hospice facilities. PDMI also specializes in managing the government-based 340B Drug Pricing Program for companies that utilize it.

“We recognize our unique position in the economy right now and are grateful to be part of an industry that can not only help people continue to receive products and services they desperately need, but also to be able to continue offering employment and benefits for our own team, as well,” Wittenauer said.

He said that the PDMI workforce, including its call center, has been observing social distancing and other pandemic heath/safety practices for weeks. “Roughly “98% of us have been working from home since the week of March 18 without incident or any interruption of client services.”

Wittenauer credited a robust technological infrastructure for making the transition possible. It was part of the roadmap enacted through their Pandemic Response Team’s (PRT) Community Business Action Plan (CBAP) to provide for staff, client, and community safety while continuing essential services.

PDMI COO Tom Faloon noted that the company has stepped up efforts to offer outreach to its team and clients. “We’ve been proactive in reaching out to team with daily updates and our clients with frequent and current answers to their top production questions related to this crisis,” he said. PDMI has also implemented a temporary $60 cell phone reimbursement policy for its staff, though the company has delivered and installed office equipment to all team members currently working from home.

Faloon mentioned additional Employee Assistance Programs, establishment of virtual Town Hall Meetings, personal outreach to all team members by the HR staff, and expansion of an internal newsletter to help those who may be particularly anxious about the pandemic.

“We continue to offer avenues of physical and emotional support because the well-being of our families, team, and clients are our highest priority,” Wittenauer said, noting that an external newsletter has launched in attempts to be transparent with, as well as useful, and calming to its constituents.

He noted that several of the processes and protocols implemented through the COVID-19 CBAP will likely continue as regular operational practices because “at the end of the day, protecting and nurturing the human resource is the most important job anyone has, period.”

Wittenauer said he and his leadership team will continue to administer and oblige with all federal, state, and local recommendations for avoiding COVID-19 risk.

“As I’ve said since this disaster first began, if we all stay committed to doing what we know should, this dark time will end sooner, and we will emerge even stronger … together.”

Patricia A. Kimerer, PWE
Director of Marketing & Communications