Hospice PBM

Pharmacy Data Management, Inc. (PDMI) provides Hospice pharmacy benefit administrative services to support Hospice Pharmacy Benefit Management organizations.

Since 1984, PDMI has provided the pharmacy benefit industry with transparent, pass-through pricing and scalable, flexible solutions. Our clients have the ability to choose which services they outsource to PDMI and which they'd like to provide.

PDMI proprietary systems empower you to provide custom solutions to meet the needs of your Hospice clients. PDMI is independent of mail order, specialty or compounding pharmacies – giving you the flexibility to select the vendors that best meet your needs.

In addition to real-time pharmacy claims adjudication, PDMI offers the following pharmacy benefit services:

  • National Pharmacy Network (Over 64,000 pharmacies including Independents and Chains)
    • Mail Order Pharmacy Options
    • Specialty Pharmacy Options
  • Formulary
    • Standard
    • Custom
  • Reporting Services (Accessible anywhere, anytime via web portal)
    • CMS 8358 Reports
    • Custom Hospice Report Library
    • Standard Report Library
    • Ad Hoc Report Capabilities
  • Help Desk Services
  • Real Time Eligibility, Override and Prior Authorization Capability
  • Rebate Management
  • Administrative Services
    • Pharmacy Payments (available on a consolidated basis)
    • Flexible Billing Cycles
    • Invoice preparation and supporting reports for your client billing
  • Access to claims data: Real time or batch mode
  • E-Rx Prescribing Capabilities