Pharmacy Claims Processing

Our claims processing engine is a true powerhouse in the industry, with our proprietary system as the backbone of PDMI. Built using the rock-solid principles of dependable performance and lightning fast flexibility, our software provides PDMI's customers with limitless customization at a speed that is necessary to remain sharp in their marketplace. This helps our clients respond to whatever business opportunities they may encounter.

We are continually updating the clinical and financial information that supports claims processing to ensure that the most accurate, up-to-date information is available for every adjudicated claim.

Another integral part of claims processing is the ability of our clients to access all of their data when necessary. Their claims data is currently and will always remain their data. We manage our on-line data warehouse so that for a client's designated representative, accessing data is simple and intuitive.

PDMI's carefully designed claims processing engine ensures maximum reliability. We are constantly developing new concepts that push our systems in ways never done before. Since all data is programmed on-site and in-house, we can customize and implement new concepts in days or weeks where most in the industry may take months to develop.