Pharmacy Benefit Administration

About PDMI

Established in 1984, Pharmacy Data Management, Inc. (PDMI) was the vision of a pharmacist and a third-party administrator who saw a need in the market. The founder’s family history in independently owned pharmacy drove PDMI’s core values of independence, transparent pricing and exceptional service. The foundation, values and vision endure as PDMI grows and thrives. Our proprietary, flexible, scalable systems support the most complex plan designs and drive innovative solutions to meet pharmacy benefit industry and client demand. Privately held and independent of wholesalers and pharmacies, PDMI puts our client’s interests first and eliminates transparent pricing concerns.

In addition to pharmacy claims adjudication, PDMI offers a full suite of pharmacy benefit services and solutions on an a la carte for PBMs and niche markets.   

PDMI pharmacy benefit services and solutions include:

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Our Mission: To provide innovative solutions that improve people’s health and well-being.

Our Vision: Through the efforts of our knowledgeable team and advanced technology, we empower people to make effective health decisions.

Our Values: At PDMI, we CARE:

Creativity - We put our creative solutions at the center of everything we do to continually exceed our clients’ expectations and create positive PDMI experiences for clients and employees alike.

Accountability - We always stand behind the quality of our work and take full responsibility for the consequences of our words, behaviors, and actions.

Respect – We value the knowledge and experiences that both our clients and team members bring to the table, and we recognize that each of us has a role that matters. We are committed to supporting each other through active empathy and fair treatment.

Engagement – We take ownership of our roles and work productively and proactively each day to achieve PDMI’s goals and create successful outcomes for our coworkers and our clients.