PDMI simplifies 340B management and administration

The 340B Drug Pricing Program is a valuable community resource offering substantial clinical and financial opportunities. It's also a government program—which means exacting requirements and detailed procedures.

How PDMI Changes Complex 340B to Simple 340B:

Built-in Flexibility

PDMI's business is creating custom pharmacy benefit solutions for our clients. We've used that expertise to deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end 340B solution that makes managing eligibility, maintaining compliance, replenishing virtual inventory and performing detailed reporting a smooth,
effortless experience.

Seamless Eligibility

We manage the eligibility process from start to finish— with your data in your
format—and free the pharmacy from having to identify 340B—qualified prescriptions. We then match, track and monitor NDCs to ensure you capture all available discounts. That means fewer missed savings opportunities and non-340B purchases.

Painless Compliance

You get a comprehensive, integrated, easily auditable picture of eligibility: patients, drugs dispensed, health records, purchases and invoices. And we quickly incorporate any new opportunities or regulatory changes into our system. Our clinical, financial, and management reporting tools are powerful and easily customizable.

Why Entrust Your 340B Program to PDMI?

Flexible, Custom Design—We can easily match your data flow and reporting requirements.
Seamless Implementation—No changes on your end.
Ongoing Optimization—We continually identify volume, cost, missed dispensation and replenishment opportunities.
Full Drug Formulary—We easily handle CIIs and non-wholesaler products.
Regulatory Compliance—We perform quarterly true-ups to monitor and manage pharmacy inventory.

What about for the pharmacy?

Besides the overall advantages of participating in a 340B program (increased store traffic, promotional opportunities, etc.) PDMI's approach to 340B means:

  • NO CHANGES to pharmacy process—we perform eligibility validation
  • NO NEED TO MAINTAIN A SEPARATE 340B INVENTORY. Our approach uses a seamless virtual inventory replenishment.

Once PDMI eliminates the time-consuming complexity, you'll be amazed how easy it is to effectively manage and administer your 340B program.

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